One of the objectives of any banding program is to recapture previously banded birds.  Often these are locally breeding, wintering, or year-round resident individuals, and their recapture provides much valuable information about longevity, site fidelity, timing of migration, and more.  However, occasionally a previously banded bird has a more exotic origin - i.e. it was banded somewhere other than where it was recaptured.  This is quite a rare event, but nonetheless, such encounters help provide us with a cumulative picture of the nature of dispersal and migration for each species.  On this page we summarize the foreign recoveries that have involved MBO.

Foreign recoveries of birds banded at MBO:

Species Sex Age at banding Banding date Age at recovery Recovery date Recovery location Time elapsed Distance
American Robin M SY 21 Apr 2006 ASY (TY) 22 Apr 2007 Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue QC 1 year <5 km
Tree Swallow M AHY 4 Jun 2006 ASY 11 Apr 2007 Cayuga ON 10 months 570 km
Slate-coloured Junco M HY 25 Oct 2004 AHY 24 Nov 2005 Scotch Plains NJ 1 year 1 month 530 km

Recoveries at MBO of birds banded elsewhere:

Species Sex Age at banding Banding date Age at recovery Recovery date Banding location Time elapsed Distance
Tree Swallow M HY 18 Jun 2006 AHY (SY) 12 Jun 2007 University de Sherbrooke, QC 1 year 160 km
Traill's Flycatcher U HY May 2002 AHY 27 May 2006 Alpena MI 3 years 750 km
Ruby-crowned Kinglet M HY 9 Oct 2005 SY 2 May 2006 Toronto ON 7 months 480 km
Canada Goose M AHY July 2005 AHY April 2006 Boucherville QC 9 months 50 km


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